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The BCRPA is pleased to now offer learning opportunities in an online format. The advantage, of course, is that you can take the courses whenever, and wherever is most convenient to you. And, if you have to stop part way through a course and come back later, it will remember where you left off! You will find our courses very easy to follow and will learn a lot that you will be able to apply in your workplace.

Getting Started

You will need a BCRPA website account in order to register for and access the courses. There is no fee for this. Having an account will let you keep track of the courses you take and will enable the courses to record where you last left off, if you didn’t finish the course during your last online session. To create a website account, just follow the prompts on the right side of this web page. Then, come back to this page and click on the course you are interested in.

Earn CEC credits

BCRPA CEC credits are available for successful course completion. Information on claiming CECs can be found here.

Aboriginal Cultural Relations Module

This online module is designed to educate sport and recreation leaders about important aspects of Aboriginal culture, and to provide best practices on how to incorporate this awareness into their programming. With history, teachings, personal experiences and resources built into the module, leaders can walk away with a better understanding of how to ensure Aboriginal people participate in sport and recreation in an environment that is inclusive, safe and respectful.

Free until June 15, 2015

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image for BCRPA Shared Use Agreement Guide Course

BCRPA Shared Use Agreement Guide

Working together and sharing facilities makes good sense but takes a bit of work! There are many things that need to be thought through to make sure the partnerships meet the needs of all. This course describes the different types of shared use agreements, explains when to use them, and enables you to create a draft agreement of your own.


This course is currently available at no charge.

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Vulnerable Populations

Vulnerable Populations -

teaches front line leaders how to create and deliver recreation programs to all children, including those from vulnerable populations, focusing on what vulnerabilities are shared by children from different marginalized groups, how those vulnerabilities manifest themselves as behaviours, and how to best address those larger issues.  


Free until March 2015

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Social Inclusion and Recreation -
provides an overview of the link between poverty and health, highlights the difference between access and inclusion and provides strategies on how to leverage your recreation opportunities to increase social inclusion in your community.


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Engaging the “Hard to Reach” -
provides an overview of who the ‘hard to reach’ are, helps you to identify common barriers to their participation in programs, suggest ways to diversify your approach and provide strategies to increase involvement and make recreation opportunities accessible to all.


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