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Course Catalogue

Aqua Fitness Choreography and Sports Conditioning

Autism Awareness for Recreation Leaders

BCRPA Shared Use Agreement Guide

Block Therapy for Lower Back & Hip: Fascia Release

Bringing the Indoors Out: Tips for Successfully Taking Your Indoor Group Fitness Class Outside

Building Genuine Community Partnerships

Building Social Communication

Building Strength with Soft Skills

Canada's Food Guide Webinar

Cognitive Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults: Pilates

Communication: Having difficult conversations

Cracking the Outdoor Learning Code

Curious about Aquatic Fitness?

Dementia Education Workshop for Fitness Leaders

Engaging the Hard to Reach

Everyday Leadership

Fabricated Soils as a Tool in Landscape Restoration

Fitness Practicum Mentorship

Flowering in The Parks  

He, She, They? Building Inclusivity Into Your Fitness Culture

Healthy Choices

Hives for Humanity

How can the PlaySafe BC Program Help You?

Improve and Re(A)lign Posture

Increasing Our Resilience in Conflict – A Toolkit for All

Instagram 101 for Fitness Professionals

Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into Practice

Introduction to Clinical Somatic and QiGong Exercises

Introduction to Risk Management for Parks and Recreation

Leadership Resilience

Leading with a Coach-Approach: Post-Pandemic Connections

Lost Child Supervision Strategies

MSINGI Elemental Movement

New Work Habits for a Changing World of Work

Organized Chaos: Post COVID-19 Preparation Tools

Osteoarthritis: How to Help Your Clients Thrive

PaRx - A Prescription for Nature

Physical Literacy & How to Teach It

Physically Distant Camps: Safe while fun

PoolSafe BC

Proactive Strategies

Providing Dignity Informed Outreach in Our Parks

Safe Parks for Summer

Self-Esteem and Body Image

Sensory-Friendly Strategies for Outdoor Camps

Smoky Hot Canadian Summers: Maintaining Health in the New Abnormal

Social Inclusion

Special Considerations When Working With Plus-Size Clients

Strengthening your Marketing Campaign and Gaining Clients

Supporting kids who experience anxiety

Teaching a Themed Camp

The Art of Mentoring

The Big 3

The Evolution of Equitable Community Spaces and Gardens

The Magic and Logic of Leadership Post-Pandemic

Training for Successful Aging

Training Techniques for High-Performance Older Athletes

Transitions Between Activities with Ease

Trauma Informed Fitness - Polyvagal Theory

Trees and Plants of the Future

Understanding the Explosive Child

Urban Forest Policies for Climate Resilience

Use of Signs in Parks & Recreation

Vulnerable Populations

Ways to Improve Your Interactions

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