Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ Questions

Q1: Do I need a BCRPA website account to have access to a course?

A: Yes. It’s simple and free to sign up for an account. Having an account will let you keep track of the courses you take and will enable the courses to record where you last left off, if you didn’t finish the course during your last online session. You can create a website account here. Then, come back to this site and pick your courses from our course catalogue.

Q2: I have a BCRPA website account, but I still don’t have access. What’s wrong?

A: Check to ensure that your account has your first and last name filled in, as those fields are required.  Once you have filled them in on your BCRPA account, you can return to this site and log in to take courses.

Q3: I completed some courses in previous years, but they do not show up in the My Courses page on this site?

A: Courses completed in 2015 and earlier are not recorded in this system, but are shown on your Courses Attempted tab in your BCRPA account.

Q4: Will I get a certificate of completion?

All our courses offer a certificate of completion when you pass the course. You may find the certificate of completion under the My Courses tab. Courses that have been completed will have a check mark next to the course title and will be marked as “Complete”. To download or print a copy of the certificate, click on the document icon next to “Complete” or click the down arrow next to course title and click on the document icon under the Quizzes section.

Q5: When I print my certificate of completion, my name does not show up on the certificate. What can I do?

A: For your name to print on the certificate, you first have to fill in your first and last name on your account at Log in and go to your profile update page by clicking the “Edit” tab on your profile, and fill in the required fields. Clear your cache and/or history and log into the elearning site again.

Q6: How long and how many times will I have access to a course?

A: You will have unlimited access to a course for a period of six months, beginning the day you first start it. This will provide you with ample time to complete the course and lots of opportunities to come back and review the materials once you start applying what you have learned. If you need access to the course after the six month period, you will need to purchase it again.

Q7: How do I collect CEC credits for courses?

A: BCRPA Fitness CECs are available for the majority of courses on the E-Learning site. You can find how many CECs are awarded for each learning module in each course description.

Detailed steps on how to submit CECs can be found here.

Q8: How do I mark my course “Completed”?

A: When you work through your course to the end, you will find a button labeled ‘Exit’ on the last page of the course. Clicking this button will mark the course as Completed in your “My Courses” page. (For courses with a mandatory test or quiz, you’ll also need to pass the test before the course shows as Completed in your record.)

Q9: My course is still not showing up as “Completed”… What should I do?

A: Go to the “My Courses” page, and check if there is a green checkmark next to your course. If there is, the course is completed. If not, click on the course link, then click on the lesson link and launch the course with the Start the Course button Navigate to the last page of the course, and click the Exit button. The course window will close, and your course will be marked complete.

Q10: I want to purchase a course for someone else, or for a group. How do I do that?

A: We can set you up with an invoice. Send us an email with the following information:

  • If each individual is taking the same list of courses, please provide the list of courses, and # of registrants.
  • If each individual is taking different courses, please provide a list of courses that each individual wants to take.

We will then send you an invoice, along with additional information so they can get started.

Q11: I have other questions. Who should I contact?

You can send us an email for support.

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