Getting Started

You will need a BCRPA website account in order to register for and access the courses. There is no fee for this. Having an account will let you keep track of the courses you take and will enable the courses to record where you last left off, if you didn’t finish the course during your last online session.

If you do not have a BCRPA website account, you can create an account here. Then, come back to this site to login and pick your courses from our course catalogue.

Fitness Leaders

If you are taking these courses to earn BCRPA Fitness Continuing Education Credits (CECs), check the course description on the course catalogue to determine how many CECs are awarded for each course.

Note: To use the eLearning website you will need a MyBCRPA account. This is different than your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professional. Both accounts should be created using the same email.


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