Engaging the Hard to Reach


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In every community, there are pockets of community members who are hard to reach and are likely those who would benefit most from recreation opportunities. This interactive workshop will provide techniques to help you engage the “hard to reach” in your community to help ensure that recreation opportunities are accessible to all. Additionally you will learn about the promising practices taking place in communities across British Columbia and how your community can also ensure that socio-economic status does not determine the health of your community members.

This course was developed from content used in the BCRPA’s Everybody Active in-person workshops. The workshops taught people how to work more effectively with low-income populations. As face-to-face delivery of these workshops is no longer available, the BCRPA developed an online delivery format for this important material.

Engaging the Hard to Reach provides an overview of who the ‘hard to reach’ are, helps you to identify common barriers to their participation in programs, suggests ways to diversify your approach and provides strategies to increase involvement.

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